Are you sick and tired of losing pot after pot at the poker table? Tired of having to always fill up your bankroll because it's going backward faster than you can keep up?

If you answered yes to the following questions, I strongly suggest that you continue to read on as I will reveal a few of the best tips to get the lion's share of the pot when you are playing Texas Hold Em Poker.

 The first thing to understand is that this game is a mind game and those that have to ability to become a critically acclaimed actor or actress at the drop of a hat tends to clean up.

Being able to hold a good poker face, fake having a good hand, bluff, and semi-bluff appropriately and all around simply deceive your opponents is critical to success in poker

Just like the old saying goes "Practice makes perfect," but you do not want to practice with your hard earned money on the line.

Therefore I recommend you play your friends and family for fun but while their playing for bragging rights this is a very good time for you to work on your tactics to sharpen them up for when your cash is on the table.

The third tip is how to successfully deal with a hand that has medium strength.

Let's say that you have high face cards in your hand; you should be very careful anytime you call or raise at any stage of flops. This is where using a good "Poker face" comes in you must give the illusion that you have a great hand even if you know otherwise.

When in a flop turn be sure that you quickly answer any raise with one of your own, this action will solidify your official position even further and keep your opponents guessing as the game progresses.

Master this and you are well on your way to clearing the entire pot off the table.

Next, I will cover a tip you should use if you have an ace in your hand. Unlike blackjack having an ace could go either way so you should aggressively use it to get as much of the pot as you possibly can.

Alternatively sleeping with this ace in hand could put the nail in your coffin. One of the most important tips I would like to show you is to use any strong pairs like pocket Aces or Kings that you may have at the start of a game to lure your completions into raising up the pot.

Way too often a player will get too impatient and start raising the pot themselves when they have these pairs.

Lastly, I recommend that you watch other experienced players in person and on television to learn their gestures/body language. Before you know it you will have an arsenal of your own to use at will.

I hope these Texas Poker tips have been helpful. I would like to sincerely thank you for taking the time to read this article and may you soon join the ranks of the Elite Poker pros

Although it is not that as crucial as in land-based casinos, it is always important to players and different users and clients to observe and have their part in presenting a good character image and impression to other fellow players online.

The Proper manner and etiquette in virtual casinos could also present a favorable image that will reflect on the image if the online casino site itself, as to other gamblers too. We all know that when some online gambler shows some disrespect to other players, like foul words or abusive words, could lead to a ban from the casino site which every one of us doesn't want to happen.


Advantages of having the right etiquette by a casino gambler show some courtesy among fellow online players. As such, for example, casino site have their online feature that allows auto is posting blinds and antes which are commonly available in gambling sites, making the computer to post and show antes and blind of an online player without the need to ask the player to allow such posting. Sometimes, players forget to manually prompt their computers to post blinds which result into other players waiting too long for a players' turn. With such automatic posting, it gives the other players convenience and regular game pace, which also saves time and effort.

Sit out option

Also, for those other players who happen to leave the game temporarily but wants to return as soon as possible, casino sites has a feature of a DEAL ME OUT or SIT OUT option. Allowing such players to be on a spectator mode, a can join the game again anytime the player is ready to join. It allows the game to be continuously in progress. It also saves time as it lets players to start their game without waiting too long for other players to come back to the game.

Abusive words

Using abusive words in online gambling sites id not a good habit as well. One should refrain from using such words to avoid any indecent language when playing online. Such offensive nicknames and bluffing below the belt is not a good sign as well.

Impersonation and discrimination

It is a basic etiquette that even in casinos on the Internet should follow and implement. Impersonation of other players should also be avoided and discrimination too. These gambling etiquette observe by gamblers online with a reasonable game speed, courtesy and good manners, plus a good attitude to fellow players will more likely to enjoy their gambling past time and have a more friendly and sociable image in casino sites. Remember that even though you are playing online, one should still put in mind that proper etiquette is not applied only in person, but even online, wherever you browse. As much as possible, be observant of this, and you will surely have a karma in return.